LoTRO and Motivation

I feel bad but lately I’ve been avoiding LoTRO. After trying to figure out why, my conclusion is: I feel overwhelmed with so much to catch up on.

I played LoTRO a lot after stepping away from Guild Wars, until I had some real life issues come up (move to a new state for a new job) that sapped my available time. I have barely played over the last year, and currently follow the game via blogs (Casual Stroll to Mordor, LoTRO Reporter) with the occasional visit to the official forums. While I’m not in game much, I do think about it.

There have been many changes over the last year, and I’m not just talking about the move to Free-to-Play. There’s been all the usual class changes and skill balancing, new content (Siege of Mirkwood), the skirmish system, redone Legendary Items (available Legacies), etc. Every time I log in it seems enough changes have occurred with Skirmishes and Legendaries that points are refunded, so even though I’m hoping to start up playing my Lore Master and Burglar again, I have to do some bookkeeping first. Then I need to remember what the various skills do, how to use them, and head out essentially as a level 60+ newbie.

None of this is preventing me from playing, another part of it is splitting time between Guild Wars and DDO. What I hope to do is to settle into a regular day of playing a game – anything more is gravy. Playing a consistent day a week, with possibly more if time permits, will definitely help me gradually get back into the game. Perhaps Sunday – LoTRO, Tuesday – GW, Wednesday – DDO, or a different schedule to sync up with Massively groups… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

What I need to do to get over the “haven’t logged in for a while” hump, is to pick a char and jump in when I have a block of available time, allocate those skirmish and legendary points, and play through some skirmishes. That will get me back into playing a character again, reminding me how much I really do enjoy LoTRO. Since the Fall Festival is going on until Nov 16, I need to participate in some of those events. I hear there is an excellent haunted house!

I was able to log in for a bit today and wander around my house in the Shire Homesteads, Butter Bottle neighborhood. That made me smile.

View from my house in LoTRO
Morning in ButterBottle
View of my house
Early morning

Even the short time I logged in, just seeing the beauty of the graphics and hearing the music made me happy – the Shire is very well done. I peeked inside my house to make sure my things were still there:

Guest Room
The guest room

My Elvish-themed bedroom still looked fine:

Elvish-themed decorations

I forgot to pay my upkeep, but I’ll get that this weekend. I am determined to play some Harvestmath events and skirmish!

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