Cannith Manufactury

I planned to play a few hours of DDO, but I wound up only squeezing in ~30 mins or so.

With that I picked up the next round of quests in Korthos Village, and ventured outside the gate to the rest of the island. After wandering around and fighting mobs that attacked me, I found myself in front of the Cannith Manufactury, which is tied to the Redemption quest. So I ventured in to look for Lars Heyton, lost inside.

I didn’t take too long… along the way I fought a few mechanical guard dogs and found a passage blocked by crystal energy. Over in another room were some crystals… probably powering the barrier!

Crystal Puzzle
Need to shut these down somehow

I hope I’m not spoiling this for anybody, but the puzzle here was to turn the valves to stop the liquid from cooling the crystals, then destroy them. After that I continued and found Lars Heyton, who was upset with me for destroying the crystals. Oh well, sorry man. After a brief conversation we were attacked by waves of sahaugin, who unfortunately killed off Lars Heyton. That fails the quest and after a few seconds I was booted outside the dungeon.

So I went right back in, blew threw the Cannith Manufactury back to Lars, and this time stayed in front and just clicked like crazy whenever sahaugin appeared. He lived this time, and gave me a message to pass to Ursa, who gave me the quest to find Lars. After looting the reward chest, I made my way back to Korthos Village to claim a quest reward from Ursa, then logged.

I’m Level 1 Rank 5, with nearly enough XP to hit level 2. I spent 1 enhancement point to get Concentration, and saved the other points for the future. So far so good – I’m sure if I get spend 2 or 3 hours in a block, I can finish the Korthos quests I have.


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