Starting DDO

Another game I’ve been interested in trying out is Dungeon and Dragons Online, or DDO. It is really easy to do now since it went free-to-play (microtransaction) a year ago! D&D has a nostalgic element for me, as I played it with friends in junior high, because that’s what you did back then.

I spent some money in the online store, to unlock the Monk because that was always my favorite – something about the unarmed warrior with all their special abilities. I also bought the ability to make 32 point builds, allowing me more stats during character creation. I figured why not, I can splurge a little bit at the start to make a slightly more powerful character… besides the game has no monthly charge.

I did the tutorial, moving from a shipwreck on the beach to Korthos Village. Once there, I launched into the first few starter quests available in Korthos Village. I investigated a crypt where I found a several sahaugin and altars to destroy:

Sahaugin and Altar
Sorry but you are disturbing the village.

I was also asked to hunt for a scroll in a storehouse:

Spider Attack
How about that, a big spider!

The scroll was surrounded by a magical barrier. Fortunately the off switch was in the tiles under the scroll, if I could just rotate them the right way…

Magical Energy

I also defended a crystal from an enemy onslaught, and then rooted out a traitor and dealt with him too. Essentially I did the first 3 or 4 starter quests and opened up the next tier, which I’ll save for another time.

I’m a total noob at DDO and I can tell I’ll be spending some time studying the starter guide, reading up on feats, enhancements, figuring what to get when and if certain ones lock out others, etc. I found a new monk build on the forums, and will be following it especially on feat selection.

DDO brings several additions to the monk, which I don’t remember from the PnP game (when I played, monks above a certain level had to fight to advance above a certain level, the highest monk was the “Grandmaster of Flowers” – come on you old time D&D players you know what I’m talking about!). Additions such as elemental stances and combination moves which unlock special attacks – that looks cool to me! I can’t wait to level up a bit, open some additional skills, and starting doing this stuff.

I also need to look into key mapping and target selection, because for this session I just clicked to fight everything. I’m used to selecting an enemy with the keyboard, and hitting another key to attack. And also for melee characters, which the monk is, moving into range and/or rotating to face the enemy, when I attack – I swiped at air quite a bit and I’m sure that won’t cut it at higher levels. It might just be a setting I have to find.

I only played for an hour or so, and had a fun time. I made my character on Cannith, because that’s where the Massively guild is. If I like the game enough to keep playing regularly, I’ll try to join their guild, but first I want to level up a bit.

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