Max Titles

I decided to add another goal to my Guild Wars list – get to 15 max titles, for “I’m Very Important”.

It isn’t far off by some measurements, because my ranger Dawn is at 13 already (the “People Know Me” level), so I just need 2 more max titles. It is far off by other measurements, such as amount of time needed. 😉

The fastest way to get there is to max out 2 Eye of the North reputation title tracks, from the 4 available: Asura, Dwarf, Norn, Vanguard.

My current rank points are:

  • Asura: 76,977
  • Dwarf: 37,681
  • Norn: 26,797
  • Vanguard: 18,971

I’d definitely max out Asura rank, for two reasons. First, it is obviously the highest. Second, I use several of the Asuran PvE-only skills (Asuran Scan, Pain Inverter, Technobabble) so maxing Asura rank makes those skills stronger.

The other rank to max is Norn, because I also use the PvE-only skill "Finish Him!" fairly often – Deep Wound is a great condition to inflict.

If it isn’t too tedious to max those ranks, I might go for the other 2 and then work on maxing Master of the North. Doing all that gets me to 18 max titles, 2 away from the next tier “I Have Many Leather-Bound Books”. Also, those 5 titles are worth another point in the Hall of Monuments, for displaying 25 statues instead of my current 20 statues.

The problem is that more advancement on the max titles track, past 18 max titles, requires a huge time investment – either doing cartography or vanquishing. Or both at the same time since there is synergy in exploring a zone fully after you’ve wiped it free from enemies. But again, either is a significant amount of time I’m not really eager to invest. I do have other games I want to play!

So for now I’m just thinking about getting to 15 max titles, via maxing Asura and Norn reputation.

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