Mini Pet HoM Boost

One great and unexpected bonus came from searching all my characters yesterday – I dug up 8 minipets I hadn’t dedicated to my Hall of Monuments. 8! That catapulted me from 28 minipets to 36 minipets, so I picked another Hall of Monuments point for displaying 30 minipets, and am in striking range of displaying 40 minipets for another point.

This changes the Hall of Monuments plan – previously I needed Vabbian armor to get to 30 points, but now I might not need the armor if I am lucky and get 4 minipets I don’t already have as birthday presents.

It gets better – I can always quest for the moa chick minipet to count as 1 of the 4 more I need. Another thing I could do is obtain the Factions and/or Nightfall collector’s editions, because each of those grants a minipet (Kuunavang and Varesh Ossa) I don’t have. However, that depends entirely on store inventory. If I do happen to see them and the price is reasonable, I’ll buy them up in a heartbeat since that would guarantee me hitting the 40 minipet level.

I have 3 characters approaching their 5th birthday in the upcoming months, and 2 or 3 that will celebrate a 4th birthday in the same time frame. With luck, I’ll get at least 2 minipets I don’t already have from my 5th birthday characters, and ideally another 1 from other younger characters.

In any case, 4 more minipets would give me 40 total, boosting me from my current 27 points to 28. At 28 points, I just need to get an Oppressor’s Weapon and a Destroyer Weapon to hit 30 in my Hall of Monuments! I see those as “easier” to get due to the materials required – Vabbian armor requires rubies and sapphires (currently very expensive, and I’m cash poor), or doing quests that grant trade contracts. The quest route would involve all my characters, possibly leveling new ones for this purpose as well, funneling towards a common goal.

In any case, those 8 minipets are fantastic news because I have a path to 30 points in my Hall of Monuments that doesn’t involve Vabbian armor. I’m pyched about that!

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