Vanquish Attempt

Since I have no builds for my characters or heroes, other than what they have currently loaded, my plan for tonight was to play a bit, make a few builds, and head out to do something, anything.

Two guildies were on when I logged in, and we chatted a bit. I told them of my build issue, and both suggested I just laze out and run a team build like Discordway. Normally I like to make balanced team builds, but I figured for now, just go with the suggestion so I could play without spending a lot of time preparing heroes.

I decided on a degen/condition oriented build for my ranger:

I wasn’t going to take Rebirth since I was just heading out with henchmen, but right then I started chatting with another friend EH and she invited me to come along to vanquish an Eye of the North zone, Grothmar Wardowns, because she is working on Vanguard reputation points. And for vanquishing, or hard mode in general, bringing a rez is very important!

Minions in the Grothmar Wardowns
Minions in the Grothmar Wardowns

The vanquishing didn’t go so well, we got stuck with the boss group in the fortified camp area. We didn’t have the right build(s) for that area, since there are rezzers and we couldn’t stop them with just our regular interrupt skills (too many rezzers plus the hard mode speedup). We tried drawing the group out bit by bit, but all eight or so moved as one. We regrouped and vanquished a bit more to build up a minion army, but were smacked down again. After a few more attempts, we decided to call it a night.

Despite not vanquishing the zone, we did get some Vanguard points. I setup a few builds and played a bit, which was my goal. And I chatted with a few friends, so all in all it was a pretty good evening in Tyria!

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