I mentioned I had something to attend to, before working towards 30 points for my Hall of Monuments. That something is: recreate my templates (saved builds).

I upgraded to a new computer a few months ago, and forgot to copy the templates to my new machine. My old computer is long gone and so are my old saved builds. Each character and hero has the single build they last loaded, but that’s it.

This isn’t a disaster, because it will force me to read over the skills… after all there have been many updates since I last played regularly! So I’ll check over the skills on the Guild Wars Wiki, peruse the PvX Wiki for a starting point on current builds deemed good, and think of builds to try out. I enjoy making builds: mixing primary and secondary professions, selecting 8 skills that work together (at least in theory), and distributing attribute points. I have various favorite skills, but there is plenty of room for experimentation. And in all honesty, in normal mode, you can get away with a “less than optimal” build in most zones.

One thing that will definitely change is how many characters I play. I’ll stick with my favorite two professions, Ranger and Mesmer, but also make a few builds for heroes, particularly Monk, Necromancer, Elementalist, and Paragon.

Sorry it has been nothing but talk, but I’m out of town this weekend and need some time to make builds and play. Soon I’ll jump in and actually play Guild Wars, and talk about the other MMOs I am trying to progress in as well.

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