Hall of Monuments

I played Guild Wars heavily from November 2005 to roughly November 2007. I still dabble here and there, but my playtime took a major nosedive, due to another game I took up, to be detailed in a future post.

I’ve played through Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall on multiple characters, and completed EoTN on two (I believe), but my playtime tailed off shortly afterwards.  I completed the bonus missions, did a few Zaishen quests (to get the extra storage bag), but never did visit all the EoTN dungeons and honestly kinda lost track of the game recently. For instance, I didn’t realize some new content in the form of War in Kryta came out… months ago!

I do read Massively and keep an eye out for various tidbits of news about Guild Wars 2. When I saw Rubi Bayer’s recent series of articles about maxing out the Hall of Monuments, I logged in to fiddle around with my own Hall, and found I had 26 points towards bonus items and titles.

Maxing out is 50 points, and there isn’t anyway I’m going to get there without winning the lottery and playing fulltime. However, I should should be able to attain 30 points without too much trouble. 30 points is a crucial breakpoint because that level grants all the rewards – only titles are rewarded at higher tiers. Naturally, many of those later titles are pretty cool, but they are out of reach so my first priority is at least unlocking the rewards.

After looking over the various categories, the quickest way for me to get those 4 extra points is to get Vabbian armor, and then either a Destroyer Weapon, or an Oppressor’s Weapon.

Armor in the HoM
Vabbian armor needed!

Vabbian armor would get me 3 points, because it would be my 5th armor statue on display (worth 2 points), and Vabbian armor itself is worth 1 point. That gives me 29 points so either an Oppressor’s Weapon or a Destroyer Weapon would give me one more point for 30.

Just one problem: everybody else playing knows this so the materials for Vabbian armor are currently very expensive. And I’m poor. After putting together all my materials and money, what I need to craft Vabbian armor is 14 rubies, and 13 sapphires. I’ll need to get them through questing for Trade Contracts, which can be turned in 7 at a time for a sapphire or ruby. Another option is trade with other players, since I happen to have a few spare diamonds, which I might be able to trade (ideally one for one) for a sapphire or ruby.

Since I never did the War in Kryta content, that is high on my list, and finishing it should position me towards getting the Medals of Honor needed to trade in for an Oppressor’s Weapon. As far as a Destroyer Weapon, some expensive materials are needed as well, or I can get them randomly in EoTN dungeon chests. I need 10 Onyx Gemstones, which I can work on by completing EoTN dungeons.

My minipets
My collection of minipets

So in summary (making a helpful list for myself), I need to:

  • do Nightfall content around Vabbi
    • get Trade Contracts towards Vabbian armor
  • work through War in Kryta
    • get Medals of Honor towards an Oppressor’s Weapon
  • finish EoTN dungeons
    • get Onyx Gemstones towards a Destroyer Weapon

Of these, I have to get Vabbian armor since that is 3 points and I need 4. The last point comes from either an Oppressor’s Weapon or Destroyer Weapon.

Before I can do any of that, there is something else I must attend to as a first priority! It’s kind of funny, in an “argh how can I be so stupid” kind of way. I’ll write about that next post.

HoM Honor progress
I need 5 more max titles for another point of Honor, or 1 max PvP title. I don

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